Open Question: Codeine abuse/addiction, opinions & advise needed, especially from Medical specialists.?

Ok so I am a 19-year-old girl and I’ve been using codeine since October of 2007. I have a history of drug abuse, in particular weed and cocaine, I first began to dabble with weed, tobacco, alcohol and E pills at the age of 13. This grew into a fascination with drugs in particular weed and Cocaine. Cocaine was in particular a problem an problem that lasted over 5 months with little break from use, starting at 1g a month, moving towards 1g a week then at one point aged 17 I was using up to 3g a day for a period of 3 weeks. I no longer abuse cocaine but use it occasionally (for example around 3g in the last 4 months).
I have a legitimate reason for a prescription for codeine and a lot of the time I take it because I really do need to, the trouble is I take it more of it than necessary and more often that strictly required, it cause bad re-bound headaches so I am my own cause for use some of the time! This started in October of 2007 and became a problem around January of 2008. By June I was hopelessly addicted but it was still controllable. The abuse of pure codeine pills (without paracetamol) started in October of this year and now is completely uncontrollable. Codeine for me is still a necessity for medical reasons but it is all too appealing to take in larges doses unnecessarily. Back in October I began to keep track of how much codeine and co-codamol I was consuming, this was so I could hopefully scare myself in to stopping! hopefully will give you a little more insight.

(the first number is for co-codamol 8/500, the second for codeine 30mg tablets)

2008/9 Co-CODAMOL 8/500 Codeine TOTAL

October 99 144
November 107 233
December 150 304
January 120 304

TOTAL 467 985

Over the last 2 moths my single dose’s of pure Codeine has increased gradually from; 160mg, to 180mg, to 240mg , to 256mg, to 264mg, to 272mg, to 300mg, to 324mg , to 332mg; (always with 2-4 500mg of Paracetamol), (to give you a scale pill wise 160mg is just over 5 pills and 330mg is 11, 30mg pills)
So what do I want from you? An honest analysis of my current situation, your opinions and thoughts, what you would do and what you think I should do next. Inevitably I am going to have some people answer with unhelpful abuseful comments, whilst this is to be expected from this sort of post, please refrain as it really won’t do any good!
Here’s a brief description of a couple of hours in an average day for me, I’ve been as honest as possible.
It’s 7.15pm and I have had no codeine all day (a rare occurrence) the feelings of restlessness, irritability and coldness won’t leave until I have the feeling of warmth and relaxation flowing through my body. Guaranteed to cause mild euphoria, happiness and even rare ecstasy, codeine lifts all cold and depressive situations out of mind and body, but this is becoming harder and harder to guarantee.
Back in November of 2007 when after two months of using the drug legitimately and correctly I began to experiment with the more desirable effects, a dose of 4 co-codamol tables being my usual preference, occasionally in a lower or boarder states of mind I moved towards a far more toxic level of paracetamol consumption of 6 capsules of 30/500 at any one time to feel the more exciting feelings of the drug taking effect. I managed to maintain this level a general dose of 4-5 and a maximum of 6 tablets consumed on a daily basis at any one time usually a dose of 4 twice or even 3 times a day once the necessity of the drug became apparent.
In October of 2008 a dose of 158mg and just 500mg of paracetamol, was an assured dose, guaranteed to lead me to the happy cloudy, floating state of mind with very minimal side effects. Four months on and 300mg of codeine seems doubtful to even be noticed, the side effects however are more prevalent than ever.
I desperately want to allow my body and mind to be released in to the state it is craving so desperately. I’ve a headache and pain gripping my entire face and head; my cheeks feel like they are being pushed backwards by a strong pair of hands, I am achy, cold, hot and clammy all at the same time. Finally I settled on a dose of 10 (30mg) tablets and 4 co-codamol (8/500) tablets.
What are the long term effects and what am i doing to myself?
Sorry for re-posting, i cut of the end in the last post!

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