Open Question: Can a mother lose her parenting rights?

My girlfriend use to be addicted to cocaine. A few years ago, she was arrested and was placed in jail for a few months. She was given I believe a two year probation and has to go to NA meetings. Well during her addiction time, her ten year old daughter, who was eight at the time, was found with cocaine in her system. The welfare stepped in and of course removed her from the home and put her in foster care. The arresting detective that was involve is now trying to adopt her. This is a big problem for Debbie because her public defender and the welfare told her yesterday, if she doesn’t sign some paperwork giving her rights up, she would not be able to see her daughter for eight years. If she does sign the paperwork, the foster parents would let her come visit her daughter. Debbie has been cleaned for over a year and a half now. She goes to her appointments and all. My question is this, because this is tearing her up. Her public defender won’t help her. Her court date is next month so she can’t get a new one now. Can they really take her daughter and give her to this family who wants to adopt her? I can understand if Debbie was abusing her. She screwed up with her drug addiction. Does this mean she has to lose her parenting rights? It hurt me to see her cry yesterday. She is doing everything to make things right. So if anyone can give some legal help or advice, I’m sure she will be happy to hear, or read.

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