Open Question: BBC Horizon: Is alcohol worse than ecstasy?

“Is alcohol worse than ecstasy?” is a BBC documentary based on a study by Professor David Nutt, a psycho-pharmacologist at Bristol University and member of the Advisory Council on Misuse of Drugs, published early 2007. He and his team analyzed the evidence of harm caused by 20 drugs. They asked a group of 29 consultant psychiatrists who specialize in addiction to rate the drugs in categories related to physical harm, related to the likelihood of addiction and related to social harms. They also extended the analysis to another group of 16 experts spanning several fields including pharmacology, police, chemistry, forensics, psychiatry and legal services. – IMDB

The ranking:

20 Cathinone (Khat)
19 Amyl nitrite (Poppers)
18 MDMA/ Ecstasy
17 GHB
16 Anabolic steroid
15 Methylphenidate (e.g. Ritalin)
14 LSD/ Acid
13 4-MTA
12 Solvents
11 THC (Cannabis)
10 Buprenophine hydrochloride
9 Nicotine (Tobacco)
8 Amphetamine/ Speed
7 Benzodiazepine (e.g. Valium)
6 Ketamine
5 Alcohol
4 Methadone
3 Barbiturates
2 Cocaine/ Crack cocaine
1 Heroin

For those who have seen this or read the report, what do you think of their rankings?

Aired Feb 5, 2008 – website:

You can watch it on google video:

Professor David Nutt at the University of Bristol:
Watch the video or go to the website. It might help explain why they chose that ranking…

I hope you’re joking, Ty T. Marijuana is definitely on this list and it’s ranking surprised me.

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