Open Question: Barrack Obama’s history is full of ugly criminal association & drug dealing, how dumb do democrats have to be?

To try to make hay out of Palin’s ……… daughters ……….. Boy friend’s ……. Mother’s problems, with prescription drug addiction?

I mean Obama used to sell cocaine and pot! HIMSELF … he loved the worst of Chicago criminal players including slum lords, Muslim extremists who’ve said they want Islam to rule the world then got Obama accepted to Harvard! not to mention the racist preaches and hoards of corrupt politicians, the least of which is Blago. Now this isn’t his daughters boy friends mothers problems, it’s OBAMA’S OWN PROBLEMS!

With all this hypocrisy and BS going on, how can anyone with any integrity hold their head up high and exclaim they were proud to vote with these ignorant EXTREME HYPOCRITES?
I don’t even listen to Rush. I just read some idiots question about Palin’s association and I thought WOW! How dumb is that? Talk about throwing stones from inside a glass house lol.

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