Open Question: a video on youtube i am looking for?

ok here is my situation. i have to do a project for school about how drugs can effect you and stuff. and in my mind i have a video that i want to use. problem is i don’t remember the name of it but i do remember the video clearly. ima describe the video and if know it or might have a clue. please let me know.

description: the video is a 2 part interview/documentry on a homeless person. the homeless preson is a white male. he talks about how his addiction to cocaine and how when he abuses this drug he feels his pores are openin so he pinches his skin. the video is at side angle showin his right side of his face. this homeless man is smart, he isnt like every other homeless, he’s got his mind straight. i also remember he states something about Issac Newton and his laws of physics.

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