NSDUH: Nicotine Dependence: 2006

cover of NSDUH: Nicotine Dependence: 2006

Among past month cigarette smokers aged 12 or older, 57.7 percent met the criteria for past month nicotine dependence. Persons aged 12 or older who were dependent on nicotine in the past month were more likely than those who were not nicotine dependent to have engaged in alcohol use (61.7 vs. 49.1 percent), binge alcohol use (40.1 vs. 20.1 percent), and heavy alcohol use (14.9 vs. 5.5 percent) in the past month. Persons aged 18 or older who were nicotine dependent in the past month were more than twice as likely as their counterparts who were not dependent on nicotine to have experienced serious psychological distress in the past year (21.2 vs. 9.4 percent).

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Date Added: 03/01/08
Inventory #: NSDUH08-0124

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