Narcotics Anonymous in Turkey

Narcotics Anonymous can be described as very helpful group which does not exclusively support people residing the United States, but around the world. A lot of areas in both the Eastern and Western world maintain Narcotic Anonymous assembly and conventions, including Turkey.

The initial Narcotics Anonymous convention which was located in Turkey was in the year of 1993. Subsequently, the Narcotics Anonymous association kept growing throughout Turkey and border areas. Today, Narcotics Anonymous has several NA groups in Istanbul and also one in Ankara, Fethiye and Gaziantep. The Narcotic Anonymous clubs in those locations operate Area Service Committee Meetings on 3 month intervals. Consequently, it appears where ever worldwide you happen to be, should you be looking to get help for yourself or maybe a loved one hooked on illegal medications, NA is always a beneficial selection. Narcotics Anonymous chapters are available nationally and are just a mobile call away. If you or possibly somebody you know desires support, reach out today.

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