Myths vs Reality: Prescription Pain Medication Abuse

Open up any magazine nowadays and you could find a story about a individual enslaved by prescription drugs. The process starts innocently enough, you have an soreness, you visit your physician so they prescribe pain medicine. You start out taking these and feel good. This should be the conclusion of the account, even so, many people enjoy the way they feel during these pills and carry on their use long after the prescription is required.

Approximately twenty percent of American’s have both used drugs for no reason other than to feel happy or have misused their prescription medications for a similar benefit. With the availability of doctor prescribed pain medications, it isn’t challenging to understand how this could take place. Drug dealers these days hold them as part of their stash and they also could be obtained without a prescription on the internet. Sadly this mistreatment of prescription pain killers has triggered an astounding quantity of deaths attributable to unintentional overdose.

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