Miley Cyrus: The Fake Role Model

Miley Cyrus is known as a young musician who has acquired the love of numerous adoring females globally. Then again, adults are horrified at their children attempting to imitate Miley Cyrus, somebody these people think of as an awful role model.

Since her climb to fame and fortune, Miley is not free of her share of debate. As a teenager, she posed for photographs in her panties and shared them via cell phone. She’s been seen to park in handicap spaces, making claims to have tachycardia and employing that as an excuse. Never mind the point that she is able to give high vitality events, strolling just a few feet ought not to be a concern. Her well known photograph shoots at the age of sixteen sporting just a bed-sheet is way too provocative for a music artist her age group, regardless what her sex appeal is. By means of measures like these, it’s no surprise that fathers and mothers don’t want their kids acting like Miley. There are far better heroines around for girls to follow.

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