Laguna Beach/The Hills Hottie Jason Wahler Alcoholism

Jason Wahler admits it ended up being reality television which made him rely on liquor at age 18. His partying lifestyle got him into difficulty sufficient that he went into treatment 7 times and was arrested 6 instances, all under the influence of alcohol. Wahler admits that he tried using prescription drugs but that alcoholic beverages ended up being always his substance of choice. He partied hard and experienced blackouts whenever he was particularly drunk. He states he fails to recall getting detained and confesses that the blackouts terrified him.

Having seen exactly what his dependency was doing to his family members, that’s when Wahler opted to clean his act up. After keeping sober for sixty seven days and nights he appeared on Celebrity Rehab along with Jeremy London and Janice Dickinson and continues to remain sober even today. Despite his stint on Celebrity Rehab, he offers that the show’s mental health expert, Doctor. Drew, doesn’t present very much suggestions, nor does Dr. Drew stay in touch with the famous people once they depart the show.

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