Jeremy London’s “Kidnapping” Story Led to Sobriety

In 2010, Jeremy London was supposedly kidnapped and made to do prescriptions. After a fight with being addicted to prescription medications, many people ended up being unwilling to believe his tale. His relatives went as far as to express that as a result of London’s drug addiction, he could have exaggerated the tale.

The guilty kidnapper dismissed the accusations instead saying that London asked the kidnapper to score the medicines for him. The pair drove around for nearly twelve hours before London could get away from gunpoint and go back home. London, who appeared on Celebrity Rehab with Dr .. Drew, managed to graduate from the system and afterwards entered a different facility. Therapy was part of the conditions that he had to meet in order to gain back guardianship of his son, Lyrik who was taken by state authorities. His kidnapping ordeal required him to become sober and he currently is sober and looking to return to his Hollywood career.

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