Harm Reduction Network

Harm reduction is the term for a idea allowing drug addicts to participate in their own dependency in a manner that lessens the risk of destruction of themselves or other people. Rather than reprimand the individual, the beliefs is to offer assistance to an individual that should inevitably guide him or her drop his or her substance addiction. Examples of harm reduction methods are generally needle change programs or secure locations where persons can turn to get sterile injection devices, information regarding illegal substances as well as standard clinical, therapy contacts, and the means to access healthcare personnel. Not every one of these types of programs can be bought throughout the world. By simply inquiring folks to register for these types of types of programs, the hope is that they are generally shown a means from their habit. The Harm Reduction Network is a cost-free, volunteer/participant-based plan which offers service, information as well as training to recovering addicts plus alcoholics through meeting and web-based chat groups. People usually are arranged geographically and quite often by drug choice.

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