Gender Differences on Drug Addiction and Drug Rehab in California

A focus in the reinforcements and punishments for substance use between men and women and their resulting attitudes toward their own drug use has been what is included in most theories of gender differences in substance disorders. In many societies, substance use is much more acceptable for men than for women. Heavy substance use is a component of what “masculine” men do, and it is modeled by heroes and cultural icons. However, until quite lately, heavy drinking was a symbol that a woman was “not a lady.” Societal acceptance of heavy drug use by women has increased in recent generations, and so has the use of drugs in young women.

One frequently asserted notion is that men use drugs to drown feelings of depression or other negative affect. There is quite a variety on the support of this notion. One study went behind seventy four college students for 28 days, randomly contacting them three times a day to inquire them to rate their moods and to account on their drug use. There was a relationship between depressive affect and later drug use for the men, not for the women, in this study. Similarly, there is a study that have established out that men are more likely than women to have positive expectations about drug’s helping them to deal with stressful situations. Indeed, some laboratory studies come across that women often imagine drugs to impede with their capability to cope with complex situations and avoid alcohol when they must deal with stressful situations. Thus, differences between men and women both in expectations about drugs and in the use of drugs to cope may contribute to gender differences in drug related problems. On the other hand, some studies of adolescents find a stronger association between depression and drug use for girls than for boys. For example, a study followed more than 400 adolescents into premature adulthood and found that drug use was more likely to be linked with bouts of depression in girls than in boys.

This gender differences on the use of drugs is a fact all over the world, even California is not spared from this kind of situation. However, you need not worry about this situation when you are a resident from California or an individual who wants to settle in California . Drug rehab in California is quite numerous and effective.

An individual may want a certain factor before he or she wants to admit in a certain drug rehab center. In California, it is not a problem. Whatever kind of drug rehab center you want, you will find something here that will suit your wants and needs. However, an effective treatment is not synonymous to a center that can provide your wants and needs.

There are things you need to consider before settling on a drug rehab in California. First is your finances. Do you think you can afford the kind of drug rehab you desire? Second, is the range of how long you want to stay in a drug rehab. Do you opt for a longer stay? Third, do you want to be in a drug rehab center with patients of the same gender or you want a mixed up crowd? Before one chooses a drug rehab center, there are many factors to consider. However, the important thing is that you choose to stay out of drug addiction.

Drug rehab in California is the answer to the on going problem of drug addiction in the place.

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