Cia up to its old tricks?

A tantalizing hint that the CIA is up to its old tricks (flying drugs from conflict zones) surfaced in the crash landing of a Gulfstream II business jet in Mexico Sept. 24.The Florida-based craft carried somewhere between three and six tons of powder cocaine, and either no heroin or up to one ton of heroin, depending on which estimates one believes.The flight originated in Colombia and was destined for Florida with a stopover in Cancun.Blogger matched the serial number of the craft to a plane used by the CIA on at least three occasions in the rendition of terrorism suspects from the U.S. to other countries to be tortured.A Mexican journal accused Mexican and U.S. political authorities of hypocrisy for waging a so-called “war on drugs” on the one hand, and being heavily invested in the lucrative drug trade, on the observes that the amount of drugs said to be on the plane diminished with every official Mexican press release on the incident, and speculates that the subtracted amounts disappeared back into the market.The photos of the crash scene, above, originated with Mexican press sources. (Source: New Recovery)

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