Chemical Dependency and Addiction Treatment

There is the concern on the physical and psychological aspects of an individual once diagnosed with chemical dependency and addiction. With dependency, the body puts up with the substance taken thus making the body crave for more. This in turn would disturb the usual functioning of the person’s everyday routine, as well as destroy relationships with family and friends. Addiction is not just an illness. It is considered a serious problem in society today. Many people in all walks of life have been victims of drug dependency and addiction. Teenagers, on the other hand, are one of the most vulnerable groups when it comes to drug addiction.

The threat with chemical dependency and addiction is that not only does it greatly harm the body, it also allows the person to do such irrational and dangerous behaviors, such as committing crimes, hurting loved ones, and even trying to fly from on top of a 23-storey building. As long as the person is under the euphoric influence of drugs, he or she would not be attentive and mindful of his or her actions. Chemical dependency and addiction destroys the body system as well. Many reported cases of heart attacks have been connected with drug overdose.

In providing aid with people who are casualties of drug dependency and addiction, treatment and rehabilitation programs were created. These patients are granted with medical treatment as well as cognitive-behavioral therapies. With drug dependency and addiction treatment, withdrawal symptoms could never be shunned. There would really come up to a time when the patient shows symptoms suggestive of a craving for that certain drug that he or she had been addicted to. Thus, medical treatment would permit the recommendation of other less addictive drugs as a alternative to the original addictive. Furthermore, the trouble of addiction and dependency do not stop with the abolition of the drug intake. The treatment goes further as teaching the patient a life free from drugs. Other treatment programs include talking of experiences that might have caused for the addiction. There have been cases wherein drug dependency was associated with physical and sexual abuse during one’s early years. When individuals couldn’t seem to handle such stressful incidents, they maybe to resort to certain behaviors that may permit them to escape the mere reflection of the unwanted experience, which is craving for the euphoric feeling given by drugs.

Living without the drugs is the main problem of drug dependents. They think that they would soon die if not having taken the drug. But all these are just thoughts in their minds. They just think they can’t live but actually they can. The problem is, the mind subdues the body and thus the body tends to pursue what the mind is saying and feeling. That is why quite a few treatment institutions based their program in cognitive-behavioral therapies. With this therapy, patients are taught and encouraged to think more positively and less negatively about their selves and their condition. They are also made responsive that they can live without drugs and that life is better without them.

The main cause of the addiction of an individual is the very main concern of chemical dependency and drug addiction treatment. That main reason should be pulled up so as to let a permanent healing and recovery. Moreover, the support of family and friends are as important as the medical and psychological treatments. In the outside world, these people should be nurtured with love and care as they reach full recovery. They should be continuously encouraged to fight and go on living despite their hideous past. Families and friends should be there to give them the second chance they seek.

Chemical dependency is a vast and ugly problem that we need addiction treatment in order to solve them.

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