Boston Medical Malpractice Case 2011

Earlier this year around March 2011, a physician and also nurse practitioner out of Needham, MA ended up being charged with regard to allegedly giving and dispersing medications to recognized prescription drug users for profit. In the case with the doctor and nurse practitioner it had become learned that they marketed pointless pain relievers to the addicts in return for money as well as insurance payments. This claimed distribution and selling appears to lead back as far as ’03. This particular alleged medical malpractice could possibly have brought about the fatalities regarding six men and women in recent history and as many as a dozen or so from ’03 on.

It is pathetic to imagine that a medical doctor which will take an pledge to save lives would give into money over principles. The physician and practitioner understood completely properly that the people they dispersed crack along with other medications to were definitely addicts. The physician and practitioner were furthermore presumably conscious that these same drugs would be resold inside the local community to other people. Although the medical doctor and nurse practitioner have already been charged with conspiracy to illicitly deliver controlled materials, it’s unknown if further charges are going to be introduced.

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