Alcohol’s Role in Fatal College Hazing

Yearly, countless confident college students in educational institutions throughout the U.S. sign up to become pledges. These kind of pupils are pledging for a chance to gain access to a fashionable fraternity on college campus. Fraternities provide you with advantages, yet pledging can bring about hazing which can lead to lethal activities.

Pledges are presented an array of tasks along with projects that they have to conduct in order to be invited to become a person in the fraternity. Several fraternities host elaborate functions and demand that the pledges participate in the drinking. Even though it is never the goal to kill a pledge, it has transpired and booze is usually the primary factor. Alcohol poisoning is usually a major cause as well as pledges choking on their own vomit following passing out. Excessive drinking is one other reason why hazing could go completely wrong – from time to time men and women damage themselves while intoxicated and the traumas end up being terminal. To prevent damaging university hazing, much more attention should be brought into the universities and college students need to learn that no level of validation may be worth associated with losing yourself.

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