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Resolved Question: Have ALL the super models had cocaine problems?

Naiomi campbel, Kate moss, and many more. Can anyone name some other supermodels who have had addictions to the drug? Can you name one supermodel who hasn’t? Put if the person has had a coke problem next to the name so i dont get confused.
um have they had drug problems or not

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Resolved Question: Prayer Please?

I have been praying very hard about this but I feel as if i need some help. My unborn babys father is very far into an addiction of cocaine and drinking right now I am not in direct contact with him at this time because of his lifestyle but he needs help. He has pushed so many people out of his life because we were standing in the way of his addiction, he is on a downward spiral. I just ask that you pray for God to come in his life and take Satan out. Help him get back on the right track open his eyes to his life. It is very hurtful to watch someone you love ruining their life and not knowing it.
He isn’t my boyfriend and he denies he has a problem.

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Resolved Question: Somethings about children stories?

Ring around the rosies
Pocket full of posies,
Ashes, Ashes,
We all fall down. . .

This was about the black plauge
The ring was one of the first signs of the deadly sickness
The Posies were stuffed into the pockets of the dead to quench the smell
Ashes to Ashes was the holy saying as the priest blessed the dead
and when you fell down meant when you died. . .
Sleeping Beauty

She was not awoken by a kiss

She was actually raped by “Prince Charming” and awoke from the stirring of her twin children being born. . .

She ended up taking her kids to his castle after he went home, kicked out his wife and married him herself. . . Happily ever after
Humpty Dumpty Sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
All the king horses and All the kings men
Couldn’t put humpty to gether again

Quite simply, this story is about the loss of Virginity
Once you lose it, nothing can make you a virgin again . . . duh
London Bridge is Falling Down
Falling Down, Falling Down
London Bridge is Falling Down
My Fair Lady

Vikings tied the bridge to thier boats and tried to row away. . .
It fell down

Oh yeah, and the fair lady was Queen Elizabeth
Sing a song of six pence
A pocket full of rye
four and twenty blackbirds
Baked in a pie

When the pie was opened
the birds began to sing
isn’t that a dainty dish to set before a king?

This was a recruitment tactic for pirate in the sixteenth century

The pie was the boat that would take the ship with about 24 buccaneers inside
Black birds were the pirates obviously and the king was Black beard himself. . .
The Little Mermaid

She doesn’t get the prince in the end of the real version of this tale. She promised her life if he didn’t pick her by a witch. He marries another girl and the only way for her not to die was if she killed him before sunrise. . . She didn’t and turned into sea foam. . .

Snow White

This is speculated to be about the 7 stages of cocaine addiction

Snow white (cocaine) meets:

Dopey: That fun high you first get on your first try

Happy: That euphoric feeling of being high

Bashful: aka being shy or silent about your addiction, avoiding the subject etc.

Grumpy: When you’ve been confronted and forced to give it up.

Sleepy: When you are off the stuff at first you get really depressed and sleepy

Sneezy: You also get really sick. ie: sneezing, chills, night sweats etc.

Doc: You see them either when you finally seek help. . . or you O.D. and the doc is your mortician

Heh the true story makes you think Cindy got what was coming to her.

Her father first married a nice housemaid who cared for the girl and was really nice. Cindy, being the brat that she is, killed the maid off so she could have him to herself. . .

The father goes and marries again, The newest step mother, hearing what Cindy did, tried to instill fear so she wouldn’t be killed off too.

Cindy goes and seduces the prince herself and moves out making it so the little brat won in the end
Jack and Jill when up the hill to fetch a pail of water
Jack fell down and broke his crown
And Jill came tumbling after

This was about the riegn of King Goerge and Marie Antoinette
Jack (George) and Jill (Mary) asended to power
To gain control of the waterways
The people revolted and killed Jack first (beheading)
And Killed Jill after

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Resolved Question: My brother has a severe cocaine addiction and I understand that there are experimental drugs to curb this.?

I’m in Houston and desperate for answers and solutions.

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Resolved Question: U2’s Bono – a cokehead with a fetish for ladies’ shoes? WTF?

I adore Bono for many reasons; to me he’s a hero and a legend. Now my boyfriend, who is also Irish, makes fun of me for having a crush on Bono. Fair enough. But what’s not cool is that he has tried to convince me that Bono has a major addiction to cocaine and that he likes wearing womens’ high heeled shoes.

Did I miss something? I just can’t remember any of this. Was it in the 80’s, when I was a kid, or what? Which one of us is badly misinformed?

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Resolved Question: Drugs: Pot, is it really OK? What about other drugs like cocaine, shrooms, extacy?

So, I don’t do any drugs (other than drink alcohol sometimes). I started dating someone who smoked pot daily–this was a problem but soon I got used to this mostly because 1) I couldn’t really tell the difference when the person was high, 2) I started reading about it and found out that most of the things I thought were true about pot (addiction, etc) were not really true. Or at least not in the people around me. Also, I live in a city where everyone does it. Things were fine, except that this person also does other recreational drugs from time to time. I have tried to be ‘open minded’ about this but I just can’t really believe that its OK to do these drugs even ‘occasionally’. Am I overreacting?

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Resolved Question: Drug Addiction Disorders?

3. Given the dual components of addiction, it may also be characterized as ___________.
(1 point)
A personality disorder
An anxiety disorder
A somatoform disorder
A behavioral syndrome
4. If a person uses illicit drugs for years, he or she __________ become an addict
(1 point)
Will never
Might never
Will sometimes
Will always
5. A person’s susceptibility to addiction is determined by ____________.
(1 point)
Physical health
6. Physical addiction occurs when a drug alters the _________ in an individual’s brain.
(1 point)
Tissue makeup
Action potential
7. If people experience nervousness and anxiety from taking a particular drug, they will be ___________. (1 point)
Encouraged to continue use of that drug
Discouraged from further use of that drug
Unaffected and their level of drug use will be the same
Damaging the part of the brain the houses motivation
8. Which behavioral principle best fits the situation in question number seven?
(1 point)
Stimulation generation
Positive punishment
Negative reinforcement
9. To which drug category does cocaine belong? (1 point)
Designer drugs
Central nervous system stimulants
10. To which drug category does marijuana belong?
(1 point)
Cannabis compounds
Central nervous system depressants
Designer drugs

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